Hello again,

I promise you I’ll change the record soon. I think that everything useful that can be said about rate parity has been said already and it’s now time to let the competition bureaus decide its fate.

I’m only adding this post as a bookmark to look back on when everything is resolved as a reminder of just how insane this whole business got.

The attachment is a PDF of a power-point presentation given by some industry consultant (also a business graduate and surfer but certainly not a ‘dude’) at a conference last year. I found it on Google.

Wilhelm has a real good time

If there’s anything more tedious than consultants it’s power-point presentations but fortunately we don’t have to listen to this one and it’s quite fun adding your own voice-over. The presenter has also aided us by casting me as Stan from Southpark (mysteriously, he’s characterised his clients as the hapless Kenny who gets gratuitously killed at the end of every episode) along with other colourful annotations and typos.

It’s far too long – these things always are – so skip to page 33 where Wilhelm asks the now catatonic audience whether or not it’s okay to fix prices. I know we know the answer to that already but maybe Willie skipped that lesson in his degree.

If you haven’t got time to read it, here’s the spoiler: rate parity assists hotels raise GOP by 4%.

So, there you have it – if you’re anxious about your falling GOP levels you now know how to fix them. You simply flout competition law and fix prices between you. I’ve just saved you 4 years in business school plus an hour of intense boredom. I should have been a consultant.


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6 Responses to “WTF is GOP?”

  1. Mark says:

    That is amazing.
    So many flaws and contradictions in his presentation, that’s not to mention the poor spelling and backwards image (see Chef or fehC as he is now known).

    I also went to The University of Wales so I understand how this sort of thing can happen 🙂

  2. Siri Loof says:

    You’re right, it’s quite amusing making up your own voice-over 🙂
    I also find Slide no. 60 particularly informative.

  3. Wilhelm says:

    Hey Dorian

    First of all I am happy you recongized my presentation. You caused a lot of “fun” across the industry in your “understanding” of the “world” and your “explenation” of the “reality” to those who are not as wise as you.

    Although I do not share your point of view and have absolutely no appreciation for your business model, I do enjoy that funny blog you are running.

    Since you are critizing some of my points and since i firmly disagree with almost everything you are stating (it is simply lacking any logic) i suggest that we meet on a panel discussion to have a fair debate about your “perception of the world”.

    What do you think? Do you feel savy enough with your case to have that debate?

    Looking forward to hear from you,


  4. steve says:

    what price a hotel sells its rooms, should be its own choice, and not some crappy internet sites. period.

    all the hotels want is to be able to have the same rates quoted everywhere, and the customer has a choice where to book. now that probably would mean skoosh would loose most of it’s customers, which is probably why it is fighting so hard to stay alive.
    the funny thing, if skoosh, and the other fit’s would maintain rate parity, they would also earn a living, and probably even a better one, just as the hotels would, and even the customer, cause yes, for paying an official hotel rate you’ll get better treatment, than booking the cheapest possible version.

  5. Dorian says:

    HI Wilhelm,

    Thank you for your offer.

    I spent the best part of a year debating the subject, on and offline, and have presented at conferences all around Europe. My adversaries included hotels, O.T.A.s and lawyers. As I explained in my last piece on the subject, I’ve said everything I have to say on the matter and, unless something new comes up, I’ll just wait for the outcome from the O.F.T.



  6. Fabio Corrini says:

    Great to see Wilhelm pour further ridicule on himself!

    These articles are great entertainment but that shouldn’t detract from the extremely serious nature of price fixing in the industry which needs to be fully addressed

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