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Priceline, Kayak and other family matters.

Incest has a bad rep and you can see why. It often results in the spawning of children with weird defects like underdeveloped limbs or oversized heads. Take the royal family for example or the U.S. hotel giant Priceline. There is speculation in the media today that Priceline’s acquisition of the price comparison site, Kayak, […]

Final Open Letter to F.T.C. Chairman Jon Leibowitz

Dear Mr. Leibowitz, Almost exactly 2 years ago in November 2010 I brought to your attention the fact that the largest travel companies in the U.S. were working together to preclude price competition in the hotel industry. I’m not sure how much time you were able to spend reviewing my case or whether you deemed […]

Open letter to William Baer, Arnold & Porter LLP

Dear William, I have been reading with great interest your nomination to head up the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division. Particularly significant to me was to hear your stance on resale price maintenance with respect to the Leegin case. Some background. Skoosh is a small U.K. based online travel agent (O.T.A.) specializing in hotel bookings. Until […]

Kayak: Up the river without a paddle.

Kayak appears to have a hole in it. You’d expect me to say that after Skoosh’s rift with the company but even I was amazed to read that Kayak now has a public dispute with one of its key partners, Orbitz. Until recently Kayak was the model travel comparison site. As far as I could […]

Open Letter to Steve Hafner, C.E.O.

Hi Steve, Now that you have formally disconnected us from your price comparison site I’d like to discuss with you some issues relating to our past cooperation. As you’re most likely aware, we’ve been working with Kayak for 5 years now. I realise Skoosh is not your largest client but at something like $1m advertising […]