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If David and Goliath had started socialising

Pete, my friend and colleague at Skoosh, always complains that I don’t start my blog posts with something of a summary of what I’m about to say. You know the old rule – say what you’re going to say, say it and then say what you said. I’ve taken that on board so in deference […]

Open Letter to Steve Hafner, C.E.O.

Hi Steve, Now that you have formally disconnected us from your price comparison site I’d like to discuss with you some issues relating to our past cooperation. As you’re most likely aware, we’ve been working with Kayak for 5 years now. I realise Skoosh is not your largest client but at something like $1m advertising […]

Open Letter to F.T.C. Chairman Jon Leibowitz

Dear Mr. Leibowitz, Greetings from Brighton, England. I took a concern to the U.S.D.O.J. earlier this year relating to resale price maintenance and various other vertical agreements which plague the hotel industry. It won’t surprise you to hear that I was all but brushed off with a defence linked to the Leegin ruling. I had […]

Zen and the Art of Managing your Distributors

F.A.O. Max Starkov, author of ‘How terrorists infiltrated the travel industry’ and other fiction. Max, whilst I’d be the first to agree with you that O.T.A.’s are becoming a threat to hotels, I question your economics. And you appear to be pitting O.T.A.s against hotels which is dangerous and unhelpful – they’re on the same […]

Open letter to Siren

Hi Neal, Thank you for your update. Whilst I acknowledge that between you at Siren you invested time and energy in the O.F.T. press release I’m more than surprised that you’re proposing to charge Skoosh effectively the full cost for a brief when you weren’t able to deliver. At the start the were some serious […]

Open Letter to the Office of Fair Trading

Hi Nelson, Thank you and Francisca again for taking the time to discuss the case last Friday. I very much appreciate being kept updated on the proceedings. The O.F.T. has been far more understanding, communicative and proactive than any of the other competition bureaus I have contacted. Thank you on all counts. Even if there […]

Rate Parity, Price Fixing and the New Cold War

Capitalism seems to strangely merge with communism towards the extreme end. Unimpeded, Big Corp will try and attain a monopoly status just like an old-fashioned state run enterprise. Sorry if that’s obvious to you – it’s only just occurred to me. Just as it occurred to me that I might be squeezed out of the […]