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What goes on in Amsterdam gets publicised across the entire web.

This whole rate parity campaign has been full of surprises and never more so than at the eyefortravel conference this week in Amsterdam. After my slight debacle in Budapest recently when two fine ladies relieved me of near enough £700 the night before I spoke at the Hotrec conference (I’ll save that for the book), […]

A digital white flag

For the attention of Rutger Prakke, General Counsel and Managing Director at Hi Rutger, I understand that Kees doesn’t want to reply to me directly but I’m still hoping we can move things forward. I realise this blog makes for rather a public discussion but this is probably as good a place as any […]

Open Letter to Kees Koolen, CEO at

Hi Kees, Both personally, and even as a direct competitor, I was always a fan of Yours was one of the better hotel booking sites I always thought, with some innovative features. However, my rosy picture fast disappeared last winter when Skoosh started being pursued by your business partners insisting that we raise our […]

The day Mr. Happy stopped smiling :(

Michael O’Leary, of Ryan Air fame, was quoted recently singing the praises of the recession. “The deeper the recession gets, the better it will be for Ryanair’s business,” Mr O’Leary said. In some ways recessions are beneficial. Apart from anything else, they clear out all the opportunistic rogue traders which sail through the boom times […]