Final Open Letter to Clive Maxwell, Executive Director Office of Fair Trading

Dear Mr. Maxwell,

Thank you for kindly replying to my last open letter.

Since you wrote I have been petitioned by lawyers, economists, and high ranking officials in the travel industry to respond to your team’s proposal to ensure that it doesn’t get through unchallenged. However, I can’t find it in myself to respond or even attend one final meeting.

I had no experience of competition bureaus when I started my campaign three and a half years ago but I was aware of the enormity of the challenge I was making to the hotel industry. For various commercial and personal reasons I felt that I had to take this one on.

The backlash against Skoosh was inevitable and it nearly bankrupted us a company. My colleagues all stood by and supported me even though they knew their jobs would be compromised. In 2011 I had to take the painful decision to make most of them redundant.

Along with many other travel agents and thousands of hotels we continue to be bullied by Expedia and on a daily basis. I have no confidence any more that the OFT will resolve this issue but take comfort in the expectation that competition authorities across Europe and the U.S. will take decisive action against this abuse.

It is disappointing to see the OFT pandering to the specious concerns of the defendants. I see the OFT’s passive approach both as a direct cost to the consumer and, worse, a cost to society as it will give further confidence to big businesses looking to trample over their suppliers and competitors and even customers.

For all that I am now officially removing myself from the consultation process so I can return to my business and my life. I hope you can and will do whatever necessary to ensure the OFT’s case doesn’t undermine those of your European counterparts.

Yours sincerely,

Dorian Harris

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2 Responses to “Final Open Letter to Clive Maxwell, Executive Director Office of Fair Trading”

  1. Fabio Faio says:

    The OFT have bottled it. It’s very sad

  2. Dorian says:

    Sad and costly. But I have more faith in the other cases across Europe and the States as long as the OFT doesn’t ruin it for them.

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