COVID-19 SmartWatch: Proof of Concept 1

What is it?

A SmartWatch for infectious disease eradication, free to everyone worldwide.

Underlying Thinking

  • COVID-19 is a global problem so we’ll only be safe when the last country is clear of the disease. We need a global solution.
  • The more data we have on the transmission of COVID-19, the faster we can react and the less we need to disrupt our lives unnecessarily.
  • A SmartWear solution brings the most advanced technology to the people and countries who need it most.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Built-in thermometer for accurate readings and early notifications of infection.
  • Manual entry of symptoms with a global or state-level decision tree for the diagnosis.
  • Built-in proximity sensor for tracing previous contacts, to automate selected isolation.  
  • Real-time display of daily infection rates worldwide, countrywide, and region wide.

Roll-out and Proof of Concepts

Our team is working on this solution in our spare time. We’re at the conceptual stage right now. If we’re able to build the device, the next step is to build grass-roots support to test it.

If we can prove that the device works at a local level, both to lower the spread of infection and lessen our periods of isolation, we’ll need state support to roll it out further.

What’s Next?


As we develop the COVID-19 SmartWear Debugger, we’re also planning the distribution and gauging the likely appetite for adoption.

If you could imagine yourself wearing a SmartWatch, entering your symptoms, and joining a global effort to rid the world of COVID-19, please show your support by liking and loving this post and sharing it further and faster than any virus can travel.

Over to you.

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