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Algorithms to Delight

Are you the sort of person to colour-code your keys or key-rings? If so, you’re likely a bit of a nerd, sure, but you’ve made your life easier by applying a simple algorithm for finding a particular key amid a pile of other keys. If you’re not gaining a little pleasure every time your algorithm […]

Karma Happens

Tom and I were round Nicole’s for dinner the other night and Nicole sounded a bit peeved when she discovered Tom had received an invite to SkooshKarma and she hadn’t. ‘It’s not as simple as that’, I explained patiently, ‘it’s organic and spiritual, it needs to come to you’. She looked blank so I added […]

Troll Models

Jimmy Savile wasn’t my hero. I’m not just saying that now, even when I was a youngster I could barely look at him he was so creepy. But I liked what he stood for – Possibility. In retrospect it was about Jim, not you, making things possible, but I didn’t see it that way as […]

Serve and Obey my Arse!

I got spooked yesterday. Someone had made a booking on Skoosh and found the site using the search term ‘Dorian Harris Haberdashers Skoosh’. I didn’t know him but a little research showed that he went to the same school as me, Haberdashers’ Aske’s (‘Habs’), and he must have somehow stumbled across this blog. Until recently […]

A Turkey for Christmas

My dad wouldn’t let me become a lawyer. Strange really, for a Jewish family but after twenty or so years seeing his forlorn face coming up the drive way after another trudge through the City, I wasn’t even tempted. A passionate and endlessly curious traveller himself, my dad had a long unrequited dream of becoming a travel agent. […]

When 1 is a group and other fairy tales

A journalist wrote to me recently asking if I’d be interested to give some negotiating tips for a magazine article. I probably shouldn’t leak anything here before I know whether my submission was accepted but my gut feeling is that it wasn’t. I submitted rather a chaotic rant of a summary which isn’t going to […]

And then I fucked him

My earliest experience of middle-management was with my boss, R.D. (not his actual name), the enduring memory of whom is his pasty drunken gaffaw against a backdrop of chinking bottles. The chinking bottles were on his very person. In his shirt pocket. These miniature shorts are the type of which you wonder at when you […]